Course Reflection

My favorite post was the one about Trisomy 21. I really enjoyed writing it because I feel like I was able to effectively express my opinions about abortion and provide supporting details as to why I am against abortion, which is sometimes hard to do with such a heating topic. Sometimes I find that I even question my own opinions on abortion, whether I am pro-choice or pro-life. Writing the post definitely affirmed that I am pro-life, and I’m proud to say it.

I also really liked writing the post about men and women and the difference between ethics of care and ethics of justice because I feel like I did a really good job expressing how they compliment one another. It’s really hard in today’s society to justify the opinion of how men and women aren’t equal- I don’t think they are, and some people may judge me for that. But men and women aren’t equal- they’re different, and God created us that way to compliment one another.

 I had the most trouble writing the post about Elder Suicide. I had trouble with this post because one of my very close family friends, my best friend’s dad, committed suicide a little over two years ago. It was hard for me to write his post because while I am against what he did to himself and opt his family, I have to try and understand his feelings and recognize that he was ultimately mentally ill and did not take his own life out of selfishness. It was also hard for me to justify Elder Suicide, as I did in the post, when I see how much suicide has changed my best friends life.

 My least favorite post was about chemical castration and its use as treatment for child molesters and other sex offenders. The idea of sex offenders makes me feel nauseous in general. I found it really difficult to write this post because one of my friends was molested as a child and she carries it with her every day- even 16 years later. It was really hard to remain strong in my convictions against the use of chemical castration and recognize the fact that many sex offenders were violated sexually themselves at one point or another. It is difficult to place blame on them for something that was done to them, while still it is important not to avoid recognizing that it is an entirely inexcusable act. It had trouble writing it because I don’t think anyone can make sense of a situation or the damage in can cause years later. I am not sure I could have improved on my post or the points made, because I am still against chemical castration.

 I learned the most from the post about “friendship”. Oftentimes, I see myself frustrated about my situation with my friends because of the geographical situation, their opinions, where they are in their lives, etc. At the end of the day, it is important to support each other and be there for one another no matter what. I feel that this post took over, and I was writing from true feelings about friendship, subconscious feelings, rather than being consciously being aware of what I was writing. I think friendship is a beautiful thing and a chosen bond unlike any other. A true friendship is valuable and worth cherishing for a lifetime. “Friends welcome anytime, family by appointment only”. I learned from this point because if gave me a chance to express my feelings freely and then examine them later, which is an awesome learning experience.

 The most interesting thing I learned in the course is to not judge a book by its cover- rather, do not judge people based on immediate interpretations. Everyone has a story, and everyone comes from a background which has made them who they are. It does not mean they are immoral or ding something wrong- Pojman had written about ethical relativism. I don’t believe people can be responsible for their actins if they are unaware that what they are doing is wrong. I feel that this topic made me more accepting of other people, other cultures, and other values, which is very important in America.

 I will use this knowledge about cultural acceptance and acceptance of other people’s ways as I move forward in my nursing career and life in general. It is important to respect other people’s cultures and their way of doing things, especially in the healthcare system. If you respect someone’s culture, you have a better chance to form a trusting relationship with that person so you can both work positively towards a therapeutic goal.

 I don’t think my views changed. However, I do feel that my thoughts were delved into further, supported, and explored. For example, “what is the meaning of life”? This is something I think about often, and being able to read Aristotle’s views made me further understand that life is about being good, and happy and it is about the little things. This course made me understand more about who I am as a person while recognizing the motives that other people often have also.

 At first, when I read how much of this course would involve social media, blogging, twitter, etc., I was nervous because I realistically stink at technology. However, I think ethics is a really good topic to compare with your peers. Ethics isn’t something that is stressed while growing up- we are raised with the values our parents choose to instill in us, and that is pretty much it. Rarely do we discuss what it means to be a good person, why it is important to be good people, what is the meaning of life, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and learned a lot from it. It is one thing to have to do homework and read and write for a grade- its another thing to read and write a post and actually learn something from the post. Throughout this course, I was given the opportunity to learn concrete knowledge, while being able to learn something about myself each and every time. I would recommend this class to other people because it allows for free guided thought, opinion exploration and expression, and discussion among peers, which is essential for developing our character. It is important that we recognize what is important to us so that can progress in our lives as we approach graduation and whatever we choose to come after that for us. 


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