Final Project 1

I felt that this book was very difficult to get into and hard to follow. I did not appreciate the writing style at all, and was confused by the “self help” bit at the beginning of each chapter. I thought the book was overly graphic during many parts- but perhaps that is just a dislike of the author’s writing style. I didn’t notice many of the ethical relation during the beginning of the book. The points I did notice were the father’s love and sacrifice by bringing the family to the urban area to better their lives. I noticed the mother’s love even though she was a harsh figure and described as less than feminine.During the beginning of the book, the strong emotional connections noted were that between the man and the pretty girl, the man and his siblings, the man and his parents, etc. Throughout the book I felt that the main point was his struggle making it to the top of the social hierarchy, making money and obtaining status. I was less than attracted or fond of the man’s personality and the way the author described it. His values and integrity were not noticed until the end of the book, and I did not feel emotionally connected to the character until the point where he was in the hospital and near the end of his life, when he rekindled his connected with the pretty girl etc. I thought the book was sad, but I think that it did exemplify how one’s life could feel unfulfilled by the things many people find value in like money and possession. It showed how a person can only feel fulfilled in the long run by strong personal connections with people that you love.


One thought on “Final Project 1

  1. I have to agree that the writing style of the book was definitely very different! Although I do understand that for some people it can be confusing, I actually thought the style was interesting, but definitely not for everyone!

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