I don’t own a pet, primarily because I don’t have time to take care of an animal right now and make sure they are taken of properly. I live with my aunt and uncle, and they have a dog, so there is an animal in my house. He’s not my responsibility, but he’s always around-however, I still wouldn’t call him mine. I’ve always had a weird opinion about animals and was never able to understand how someone could feel so close with their pet. When I was little I had a dog named Charlie, but we had to give him away because we moved. Then I had two birds who died, two cats we had to give away because we moved again, two bunnies my mom gave away while I was at school (I heard they have therapy for that) and a dog named Sammy who we put to sleep because he had really bad epilepsy and was clearly suffering. When I think about it sometimes, it’s really sad that I don’t have the ability to connect with animals because any animal that I’ve ever been close with has left, one way or another. I definitely want to have an animal of my own after I graduate school. However, I think I would adopt a cat or dog from a shelter so that I don’t have a puppy that I would have to give my undivided attention to for a few months. I would also like to save an animal from whatever may come after life in a shelter; a win, win situation.

 I don’t have any real restrictions on my diet based on religion or culture, I would just rather not eat certain foods. One time I ate deer meat- but I wasn’t informed it was deer until after I ate it. That was upsetting, but undeniably delicious to say the least. I would never eat a rabbit or anything like that. I think I’m only comfortable eating what I consider ‘normal’ meats such as chicken, steak, beef, pork – pretty much just chicken, cows, and pigs. Some people eat deer, horse, rabbit, etc. I don’t have anything against it- it just isn’t my norm so it would probably disgust me. I don’t have any strong beliefs about what other cultures should eat, because I try to be accepting of their practices. As mentioned in previous posts, I accept slaughtering animals for food in moderation, enough for sustenance.

 My relationship with animals is weird. I feel like some dogs can legitimately smell fear on me and can read into my soul- barking at me uncontrollably. I also think I’m slightly afraid of dogs that I don’t know because my mom was bit by a German shepard when I was in the first grade, right outside of my elementary school. Other dogs I feel okay around. Some cats I’m allergic to, so I’m not fan of. Other cats I also feel okay around. My feelings vary on a case by case basis.

 My moral standpoints: I don’t love any animals in particular, but I respect them. Just like people- I don’t love many people, but I’d still respect them and don’t wish harm on anyone. I think my above comments express that I’m a respectful person and treat animals with the dignity that any living being deserves. 


I chose the above picture because I don’t have any animals of my own, and my cousin has a black lab named Albus, and he’s one of my favorites. 




2 thoughts on “Animals

  1. I love your outlook on adopting a cat or dog from a shelter! I have always wanted a pet, and am a little jealous of all the pets you have had! But, once I move out and get a pet I think the way to go is adopting from a shelter. My grandparents have adopted all their animals from shelters and it really is a win win situation!

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