Hello there new friends, 

My name is Cecilia and I’m a senior Nursing student hear at Worcester State. Im originally from New York, but currently live in the Worcester Area with family. To me, the topic of ethics delves into what is right and wrong, but more importantly is a way to make sense of some things that just seem to puzzle us as people, and especially myself as an aspiring health care professional. I look forward to applying the theories and lessons I learn in this class to my journey as a nurse and whatever else comes my way! Heres to a great year!  


5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Cecilia. What made you come to New York from Worcester? Like I said to another student, congrats on being a nursing student. One of my friends majored and nursing and I know how much time and dedication it took. I could never do it so I give you a lot of credit. I think being in the health field, this is an important course to take because it will revolve a lot around your field in regards to decisions you make as a nurse and to understand the decisions your patients make. Best of luck to you.

  2. Hey Cecilia! I am a nursing student as well, but i’m a sophomore. How have you survived the program all the way to senior year?! Its definitely a tough program, but i’m glad you’ve made it this far! Do you know what you want to do with your nursing degree yet?

    1. No, at this point were just looking to graduate! But I think it’d be awesome to work in the ER or be a Life Flight nurse- the possibilities and opportunities are endless. If you have any questions, I’d absolutely love to help you out, good luck with your year. The key is a balance between school and friends- and most importantly, time for yourself. Don’t study a certain way because thats what your friends are doing, sometimes its best to take a step back and do your own thing. All by best!

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